About the Faculty of Languages

The Faculty of Languages at Uppsala University has the widest range of education and research in language and language-related subjects in the Nordic countries. Our offerings range from present world languages to documentation of languages on the verge of extinction.


Bachelor’s studies at the Faculty comprise both study programmes and freestanding courses, which together cover some hundred languages, dialects, ancient languages and language-related subjects. The programmes include the Bachelor Programme in Languages, which provides knowledge of languages in general, and the Master Programme in Language Technology, where students learn to work with software and algorithms that process human language in “intelligent” ways.

Widest range of language research in the Northern countries

Linguistics is research into language and the use of language. Linguistic research involves both research into specific languages and groups of languages and general linguistic research into linguistic phenomena unconnected to any one specific language.

Uppsala University offers the widest range of language research in the Nordic countries, with research into approximately 40 different languages, linguistics (general linguistics) and computational linguistics. The research spans languages from our own geographic area, such as Norwegian and Faroese to languages in geographically remote places, such as Balochi.

But our research also extends to the study of early languages and cultures such as Byzantinology and Assyriology. Within the Swedish language, research is conducted into areas such as conversation analysis, names and dialects.

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